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The community of nutritionists and scientists are vastly divided in their opinion about whether it is more important to lose weight or achieve higher levels of fitness. Is exercise really more important than maintaining a healthy weight? Let us go through this article to find out more. 

There is a section of researchers who have the opinion that being overweight is of no consequence while one maintains a high degree of fitness. The most important thing is to ensure that one’s heart and lungs are healthy. 

Numerous national campaigns, such as ‘Let’s Move’ are focused upon keeping the heart healthy, without being deeply concerned over body weight.

There are, nevertheless, cases wherein for an individual who is overweight, losing weight is a more critical metric for overall good health. Furthermore, studies frequently show that exercise is an insufficient way of losing weight. Being watchful of one’s diet is another important implement that one has to keep in mind. 

This comes in numerous formats, such as consuming fewer calories than one burns and making sure that the diet involves sections derived from all food groups. One’s diet should have the right kind of mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

Numerous nutritionists nowadays recommend that it is best to do away with fad diets and dieting implements. If one chooses to starve oneself and skips meals, he is more likely to binge eat at sometime in a day or consume midnight snacks.

Nowadays, fitness gadgets also play a role in keeping people fit. There are cases wherein people who are slightly overweight add in 10-15 minutes to their walking routine when they use the gadgets that track the number of steps that they take. Such gadgets also track several other health-related metrics, such as heart rate and blood pressure. 

The people using these gadgets are inclined to achieve more in terms of the number of steps that they walk in a day. Sometimes they share such information over social media. Overall, this helps them keep their fitness levels high.

There are however cases wherein people are excessively obese. Weight management becomes exceedingly important for such people. It is not something that they should avoid, and weight maintenance becomes more important than maintaining high fitness levels. 

Getting physical activity may not be a sufficient solution for them. They need to keep a tab over their diet as well. 

In general, fitness is associated with maintaining a healthy weight in numerous ways. As an important implement, one cannot get too much exercise while one does not maintain a healthy weight. It becomes difficult to work out.

Let us take a closer look at the ways in which obesity is linked with fitness. In most cases, fitness and obesity are seen as two separate entities. Fitness is deeply involved with how well one’s heart and lungs work, to supply oxygen to the body. Obesity, on the other hand, is concerned primarily with body height, weight, and related parameters.

One’s body weight bears a great deal of influence over fitness and obesity alike. Let us consider that two people have the same oxygen transferring power. The one who weighs more is typically going to have lower fitness levels, in nearly every case.

Let us now consider the body mass index (BMI). BMI is a measure of body fat which is based upon one’s height and weight. It is a commonly used parameter which defines if an individual is obese or not.  

The normal weight that people should have for their height takes them by surprise in more cases than not. Just as an instance, someone whose height is 5’7” should weigh up to 160 pounds. If he weighs more, like 190 pounds, he is categorized as obese.

Obesity, however, does not always imply that one is unfit. We come across numerous contradictory observations that specify the fact. Several obese individuals go jogging every day, while several people whose weight lies in the acceptable BMI range find it difficult to go jogging.

Similarly, muscular individuals can also be categorized as obese despite having high fitness levels because muscles add more to weight than fat. These cases, however, are exceptions to the rule and not the rule. In practice, when an individual is categorized as obese, the odds of him having high fitness levels are few. In the society that we live in, obesity to date implies lower fitness levels.

Enhancing fitness becomes difficult for individuals who are overweight

If an individual is obese, he is better off when his dietary and exercise routine focuses on his weight rather than overall fitness levels. Getting exercise is difficult for an obese individual. Beyond additional weight, joint pain, larger body size, and limited mobility restrict the exercise routines.

When we consider the physiological point of view, obesity makes it difficult for one to work out because the person carries additional weight. Such an individual would require more oxygen for his workouts than someone who weighs lesser. This puts some unnecessary strain over the heart. While mobility levels are low, fitness becomes difficult to achieve.

The excess weight reflects on the quality of life

Most unfortunately, studies show that mortality rates are twice as high among people who do weight normal. Fitness and obesity is a unique combination which only a few people have.

One should also keep in mind that obesity puts one at a higher risk of contracting diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. Similarly, these conditions are difficult to manage when one is overweight or obese. Someone who is overweight should henceforth definitely attempt to make sure that he brings his weight in the normal category. This should be as a combination of diet and exercise for the best results.

Being obese further has implications over the everyday life of people. One may choose to avoid going for picnics and treks because it calls for some additional walking. Sometimes, people choose to watch their kids play baseball in the backyard instead of joining them. Being obese brings a particular set of issues in life. Henceforth, while one is obese, countering obesity should be one of the top factors in one’s mind, in numerous cases. As one loses the additional weight, fitness is just about sure to follow.