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Typhoid is a disease spread by salmonella typhi bacteria that spreads through contaminated food, water or being in close contact with someone who has typhoid. Along with symptoms such as fever, headaches and muscle aches, it causes diarrhoea or constipation, fatigue, and severe stomach ache, all of which requires a well thought out diet to make the disease a little more tolerable. Thus there is a need to stick to some simple diet plan when dealing with typhoid. It is advised to consume food that is rich in nutrients as well as easy to digest. Additionally, having small portions of food at regular intervals will help you retain strength and energy. 

Follow these simple diet rules for a speedy and tolerable recovery from typhoid 

    1. Consume Enough Calories: Food such as bananas, rice, potatoes and white bread are high in calories and ideal for typhoid patients. This is because, while suffering from typhoid, it is necessary to make sure that you’re consuming enough calories, to make up for those you lose. Thus ensuring that you do not suffer from excessive weight loss, which is common among typhoid patients.
    2. Try Food That Are Easily Digestible: Immunity of the body gets highly affected during typhoid and causes loss of energy. Therefore, semi-solid, easily digestible food is a better option as they are easier to digest. Fruit custards, poached eggs, baked potato, honey and boiled rice are rich in carbs and energy making it an ideal food for typhoid patients.
    3. Have Some Dairy Products: Dairy products like milk, yoghurt and buttermilk are a great option because they are rich in nutrients and easier to digest.
    4. Don’t Skip On Proteins: Proteins rich food such as rice, lentils, also known as toor dal, is best recommended for those suffering from typhoid because they are replenishing and light on the stomach.
    5. Comfort Food For The Rescue: Soups make an excellent form of comfort food. This is because it is very easy to prepare as well as digest. Carrot soup, spinach soup, vegetable soup, mushroom soup, and chicken soup are all great options.
    6. Don’t Forget Nuts And Seeds: Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as nuts and seeds are also beneficial for typhoid affected patients as they reduce inflammation in the body.
    7. Always Keep Yourself Hydrated: Keeping your fluid intake high is extremely important while suffering from Typhoid. This is because Typhoid can often lead to diarrhoea which results in dehydration. Dehydration along with Typhoid can further complicate your situation. So keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and stuff like coconut water, lassi, fruit and vegetable juices.

For a quick recovery from Typhoid, certain kinds of food should be strictly avoided 

    1. Say No To Fibres: It is strictly advised to stay away from food that contains a high amount of fibre because it can distress the digestive system. Barley, oats, broccoli etc are rich sources of fibre.
    2. Gastric Inducing Food: Completely avoid vegetables such as capsicum and cabbage that cause bloating, gastric or inflammation in the stomach.
    3. Keep Onion And Garlic At Minimum: While onions and garlic are healthy, having them too much can irritate the stomach during fever.
    4. Stay Away From Spice: Acetic and spicy foods must also be avoided as spicy food aggravates the digestive system. Vinegar, hot sauce and chilli, most commonly used in Chinese food, should be avoided.
    5. Skip Desserts: Food items like butter, ghee, fried foods, and desserts are a bad idea too while suffering from Typhoid.

Along with typhoid medication, following these diet tips and staying away from the kind of food you should avoid, you can expect a safe and speedy recovery from Typhoid.