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Getting fit also means and includes staying healthy. In modern days it is a challenge to the youth. Keeping fit oneself and living healthy go hand in hand.

Physical Work vs Modular Work (Machinery):

In olden days there was more physical work for our ancestors and their food habits, lifestyle everything was designed so as to adjust – that “Sharma Samskriti”. But, today due to modernization our lifestyle has got drastically changed. We do less physical work and follow modern food habit which includes fast food and junk food. Sleep early wake up early was the mantra and routine of our ancestors. But, Sleep late wake up late is the lifestyle of the young generation. Though we are aware that it is not a healthy practice, we are already embraced this. We are unable to sleep early due to our daily work, office schedules or due to our lifestyle. So, here the concept of getting fit gained importance.

Physical Exercise, Positive Mental Attitude & Food Habits:
Healthy Life

Healthy Life

In order to maintain your health intact at least keep yourself fit by doing any type of physical exercise. For example, jogging, walking, going to the gym for a workout, yoga, pranayama is essential. Hence, to do any kind of physical exercise you have to wake up a little bit early. By doing this you can maintain that balance with your sleep.

So, the concept of getting fit not only focuses on staying healthy. Getting fit is also striving to change our imbalanced, modern daily lifestyle as such. Living healthy and keeping fit is having a close relationship.

Small changes in your daily routine, lifestyle can add up to better fitness. Each and every morning warm up your body with easy exercises, mild stretching.

One of the renowned Doctors and the World’s famous Physician, as well as Cardiologist Dr.B.M Hegde, says – walk for at least 30 minutes plays a vital role in “Getting Fit”. He stressed the point of walking rather than running. It is because human anatomy is designed so as to walk and not to run like animals.

Following healthy lifestyle like have a positive mental attitude, 3 meals daily, getting 7 – 8 hours sleep (as per your body naturally as it differs from person to person), say goodbye to alcohol, balanced use of electronic gadgets like TeleVision, Mobile, etc. opens the gateway to keeping yourself fit. It’s true that it is difficult to revive the ancient way of life as the generation, lifestyle, situation everything has been enormously changed.

The Gym way of getting fit:

You can get your fitness by doing work out at the gym these days. After studying your daily routine, food habit, and lifestyle instructors will suggest to you how to keep yourself fit. They will keep an eye on your regular workouts. So that you can achieve your goal with the help of experienced expertise fitness trainer or coach.

In recent years, the fitness concept is making a huge noise and it is the new trend in the health field. Along with fitness coach, there is a huge scope for gym, gym equipment also. For some people keeping themselves fit is a passion. And at the same time, it is the fashion for some others!!

“Getting Fit” with your personal coach, gym or on your own whatever is good for health.

Think Healthy, Eat Healthily, Get Fit & Live Healthy