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Most of us love snacking. As we are hungry in the evening after work it’s a normal tendency to have snacks in the roadside or a hotel while going back home from work. Most of the dieticians today asked us to leave snacks with their healthy diet plan. But, it’s not practical. As a human being, every one of us tends to have snacks once in a while. That’s okay don’t get offended yourself.

Once in a while having snacks is not at all a problem with the five steps below:
1. Find a regular good place:

We know our route to home from work right? It’s better to have a commonplace to have a snack. If we know the person who prepares it or the place of the hotel is clean no problem. Want to find some good places to have snacks? There are several Mobile Applications which can guide you with the restaurants, Zomato is one of them showing snacks restaurants near you. I am not promoting the app here, you can also find it in Google or Some other mobile applications you use as well.

2. Skip a day:

if you are having snacks daily evening I would suggest skipper day. It’s easy for us to skip one or two days having snacks. Can’t control yourself skipping it, make a group in WhatsApp among a close circle of friends and share your food routine and challenge amongst yourself. Good as a game, good for health too.

3. Don’t go with the flow:

There are many people waiting for the food to be delivered this is the Place. Don’t judge it that way. You go to the place to look around for the hygiene and the surroundings. If you feel the places clean then you can move to go ahead eating stuff.

4. Break up with Pani Puri:

It’s not good to have one snack every day. Few people love to have different snacks every day but if you carry on with the same snack. I would rather suggest you try different snacks each day in a good restaurant or a hygienic place. Different types of snacks give you a good feeling, different ingredients, different taste and sometimes some vitamins and minerals into your body.

5. Prepare at home:

Are you a foodie like me? There are plenty of YouTube channels is out there showing you how to prepare good snacks at home. Try making something at home and enjoy it with your family. Adapt a happy lifestyle by living healthy eating at home.

Did I mention the home food is always good than the roadside food for a restaurant food? Yes, it’s always better to prepare food at home but it’s not practical always. So why worries, continue snacking whenever you feel like but follow the tips I have already given you.