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Our Authors

Sthuthi Y

Sthuthi Y is an enthusiastic dietitian who completed her Bsc in food nutrition and dietetics and Msc in clinical nutrition from Managlore and Mysore university respectively.

Her dedication and hard work made her pass the all India level registered dietitian exam with flying colours in her first attempt. Making people aware of healthy and nutritious food and motivating them to stay healthy is the primary motto of her which made her a clinical dietitian today.

She is an enthusiastic dietitian who takes care of her clients with individual care and attention.

Our Authors

Swati Verma

Swati Verma is an entrepreneur, content creator, search engine optimization specialist, and an enthusiastic blogger. She has her Interests in various fields including tech and health care. 
She has done Masters in Human Resource Development and Marketing along with her 7 years of  rich experience of writing in different industries. She writes a well-researched, socially-responsible and proven methodological articles with a compelling, useful, and often inspiring message, delivered in an authentic voice and written by an engaging and profound way!
She has experience in handling healthcare brands and businesses closely worked on projects of healthy lifestyle websites, health, lifestyle, women’s magazines that have their own blog. She has also been mentoring personal and health bloggers on how to start and what to write.


Shanthalakshmi is a graduate, single parent to her two lovely kids and as an entrepreneur, she is specialized in Nutrition and Wellness. She loves helping people when it comes to Nutrition and wellness - She also coaches healthy cooking to people for leading a healthy lifestyle. 
Keeping herself fit was easy by doing Yoga 1 hour a day as a part of her life and spreading knowledge about Yoga. Her health, fitness, positive attitude, and diet impacted many people in society. Living with two children a life of guts, many people are taking examples and following her. Patience is the key and Smile is the asset of her success in life. 

Meet Nilhila, a health and fitness enthusiast

Basically, an engineering graduate who loves cooking and eating. My love for food and fitness makes me experiment with healthy food recipes and diet plans personally. Ever since I became conscious of the food I eat, I’m always eager to try new foods and learn about healthy eating.

 Through my observation and research, I found that with help of homemade recipes and healthy diet we can transform ourselves. I always believe that any transformation starts with a commitment to stay true to our goal of getting healthy. Recently, a Google certified digital marketer, I’m trying to give words to my experience about practicing healthy lifestyle and help others in any which way I can.

Dr.Ritam Priya

Dr. Ritam Priya is a General Dentist practicing in Mangalore. She is a compassionate Dentist and Entrepreneur. She has 5 years of experience in her field. She has many achievements throughout her school and college life as a Writer, Artist and District level Volleyball player. Her hobbies are travelling and cooking.

 It was always a great dream of her to educate society about their health and well being. Our food habits, lifestyle, stress, work place etc has high impact on oral health as well as on overall health. In her blogs she will be telling about correlation between Diet- Oral Health- Overall Health.

Annapoorna Sharma

Annapoorna Sharma has studied Masters in Law at the University of Mysore, worked as a Lecturer and as an advocate too, passionate towards writing poems and articles in Kannada and English. Some of her poems published in international poem anthologies. Authored and published two books titled – “Does TRIPs Agreement Undo Indian Patent Law?’’ and “Susoothra Vyavaharakke Soothragalu” co-authored with her husband Mr. Pashupathi Sharma. Annapoorna has hailed from the Sudukuli agricultural family of Panaje Village, Puttur Taluk. She is keenly interested in writing articles and poems in Kannada as well as in English. Currently she is working as a freelance content writer, copywriter.

Dr. Farheen

Dr.Farheen educated as Dr. Of Naturopathy (Naturopathy is an art and science of healthy living and a drugless system of healing based on well-founded philosophy. It has its own concept of health and disease and also the principle of treatment. Naturopathy is a very old science. We can find a number of references in our Vedas and other ancient texts.) and Dietician and consultant physician and has done a research study on bacteria and viruses in a medical laboratory in the field of microbiology. I'm born and bought up in Mumbai and studied at Mumbai University. I was an interschool basketball player and too interested in natural sciences since from childhood. Currently located in Mangalore with my parents as it's my native and has true interested in serving people my duty to fitness in health and mental health development knowledge. I'm interested in writing articles based on human health benefits as I believe "self-love is the purest relationship" .

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You’re about to embark on the journey to unlock a new you. My Diet Counselor will provide you a comprehensive and personalized analysis and report based on your lifestyle habits – Diet, Physical Activity, Sleep, Mindset, Stress and Meal Habits – as well as other factors like age, gender and personal goals. 

We are a team, backed with many professional dietitians who care for your health. You can find out more about the science behind your findings, and to journal your thoughts and goals along the way. Once you consult us, your complete counselling will be done and we analyse your Diet, Mindset, Activity, Meals, Stress and Sleep. We also teach you about the four pillars of health.

It’s time to know why your existing diet plan, fitness regime and overall lifestyle are not working for you. After going for personal assessment, We provide Personalized recommendations, tips, and research summaries from our health and wellness advisers to help you overcome challenges that may have prevented you from reaching your diet goals in the past.

We analyse your Lifestyle and Diet type, not only helping you to understand your results but making you to set and achieve your goals. Setting goals is a proven way to help you succeed. We help you to set goals that are realistic and important to YOU. We design your goals SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound. This is your journey, so make it your own!