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Nowadays, many people are suffering from a headache. In daily life, a headache occurs due to several reasons like tension, stress, heavy work in front of computers, food habits, irregular food intake, skipping breakfast, irregular sleep, sleeplessness, etc. Some primary headaches occur due to lifestyle factors such as emotional distress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure. Common primary headaches include migraines, cluster headaches, and tension headaches.

Headaches are broadly classified into three categories. Such as Primary headaches, Secondary headaches, and cranial neuralgias, facial pain.

So simple, 9 effective remedies to treat primary headaches are suggested hereunder:

1. Sandalwood paste treatment:

Sandalwood sticks to be rubbed on stone with the help of water and its paste is to be applied on the forehead. It gives relief for some primary headaches. Lemon may also be mixed to the paste.

2. A new habit:

Make it a habit to drink warm water. It gives relief from headaches. Don’t drink water only when you’re thirsty. Drink water at regular intervals.

3. Lukewarm water treatment:

Take a glass of lukewarm water, add half lemon and pinch of salt stir well and drink it, if the headache is caused due to indigestion it will be cured.

4. Reiki Healing:

It’s a healing method by using universal energy. In order to use this healing method, one has to learn and practice it. This is also a useful remedy.

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5. Kshama Sadhana

Karma Sadhana means to forgive each and everyone who hurts you. It soothes our hearts and mind. It creates harmony and helps to avoid stress and strain. But, it will take some time. It is easy to tell. But, difficult to adopt in real life. Once you practice it definitely, it will cure as well as prevent not only headaches many diseases.

6. Tulsi leaves; Migraine heals:

Take a glass of pure drinking water put 2-3 cleaned tulsi leaves and keep it for 3-4 hours after that drink. This is helpful to cure some primary headaches. Tulsi is more effective in combat migraines. You can eat 2 – 3 Tulsi leaves daily.

7. Pranayama Anuloma Viloma:

Close your left nostril with the help of a middle finger, remove your thumb from the right nostril then take a deep breath after that with the help of thumb close your right nostril and exhale from left nostrils by removing the middle finger. Do this practice daily morning for 10 minutes. It is very useful to treat many health problems.

8. Meditation:

In meditation, we are focusing our mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to achieve an emotionally peaceful, calm and stable state. Meditation relieves our stress and strain. It gives mental stability, firmness. Meditation makes emotionally stronger, helpful for deep sleep, keep us active throughout the day.

9. Good food habits:

Try to maintain timings for your regular food intake. Eat only when you are hungry. Groundnut, peanuts, oily foods are friends of headache. So, avoid these as much as possible.

If primary headaches not cured in 4-5 days don’t forget to consult your family doctor. So, avoid self-medication without proper experience.

May all be Healthy; May all be Happy