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Home Remedies for Dengue

There is no specific medicine to treat dengue infection. If you think you may have dengue fever (Read, Symptoms that say you have Dengue fever to find out if you have dengue) you should use pain relievers with acetaminophen and avoid medicines with aspirin, which could worsen bleeding. You should also rest, drink plenty of fluids, and see your doctor.


So what is the best you can do at home as remedies, here are 7 Home Remedies for Dengue:

  1. Drink a lot of fluids: Excessive sweating and exertion during dengue fever can lead to extreme dehydration. Ensure that you take a lot of fluids and stay well hydrated. Drink adequate water and other fluids like coconut water, papaya leaf juice, neem juice, and other juices at frequent intervals to keep your body well hydrated. Moreover, staying hydrated also reduces the symptoms of headaches, as well as muscle cramps. Water helps in flushing out these excess toxins from your body which can help you recover.
  2. Take good rest: When you have dengue fever, you will have a high fever, your body, and joints pain constantly. Therefore, it is very important for you to take adequate rest. You should stop your works, exercise you do regularly. Try and sleep as much as you can. Also, make sure that you do not go to crowded places.
  3. Chew Basil Leaves: Basil leaves are miraculous herbs that not only help during dengue fever but also improve your overall immunity. Chewing 5-6 basil leaves boosts your immunity and has been recommended as an effective Ayurvedic treatment for dengue fever. Basil leaves have essential oils with natural insecticidal properties which keep mosquitoes at bay.
  4. Hygienic, Clean Home Environment: Also, make sure that the environment is free from mosquitoes since the infection can spread from one person to other people easily. For this, you can take some easy steps like using screens on doors and windows, use mosquito nets and make use of the mosquito repellents in and around the house. You should also ensure that there is no water collected in any area in and around the house as mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. The first thing that you must do to take care of a dengue patient is maintaining a clean and hygienic environment at home.
  5. Guava Juice: You Will Need
    1-2 cups of fresh guava juice What You Have To Do Is Drink a cup or two of guava juice.
    You can also have a bowl of cut guavas instead of the juice.
    How Often You Should Do This
    Consume guava juice twice daily for maximum benefits. Why This Works?: Guavas are a rich source of tannins, vitamins, and minerals. The high vitamin C content of the fruits can help boost your immunity naturally. They are also known for their ability to increase the blood platelet count and are hence a great way to treat dengue fever.
  6. Protein Intake is a must: While you are suffering from dengue fever and even after recovery, patients are advised to consume a high protein diet to get the required supply of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats. Want to know, what protein to intake? leave us an email with your contact number.